How to Make Money in Social Networks and How Much Bloggers Get

Some go to social networks to watch funny videos or memes, while others go there as a job, and earn very good money. In the article we will tell you in which social network to look for a gold mine and the opportunity to become famous.

The history of the creation of social networks 

In the era of the rapid development of the Internet and technology, it is not surprising that communication gradually flows into a virtual network: meetings, meetings with friends and even a doctor’s appointment are held here . Social networks have replaced most of the books, live communication and traditional media.

With the beginning of industrialization, the platforms through which mankind received information evolved and replaced each other: newspapers were gradually replaced by radio, which replaced television, and it, in turn, was replaced by the rapidly developing Internet that allows almost everything. Not surprisingly, the idea of ​​creating social networks was born, where people can communicate, tell news and gossip.  

But first there was the word. More precisely, a lot of words: the first well-known social network was LiveJournal, or LiveJournal (LJ): the author of the blog wrote long texts, made selections of photos, and readers left comments and communicated with each other under the post.

In contact with

In the summer of 2006, a 21-year-old student, Pavel Durov, created an unnamed closed application to the student forum of his university. Initially, it worked in test mode, then the official version was launched, called VKontakte.

During the year, the site became mega-popular, having collected about 3 million unique users in 6 months. Subsequently, Durov left the project, and his offspring changed a lot and acquired many new functions: the ability to make calls, record voice messages (voices), publish stories (short videos in the head of the news feed, but the innovation failed miserably), and others.


In just a year of its existence, the site (which did not then have a mobile version or application, like everyone else) attracted an audience of 4 million people, becoming the most popular in the country.

In the first years of their work, Odnoklassniki was far ahead of VKontakte in popularity, but gradually lost ground: too simple an interface and obsolete functions (for example, the rating “I think it’s cool!” ), As well as the dominance of jingoistic patriotism , were not of interest to young users who switched to competitors. To date, site traffic is falling, but still collects a good audience, which differs in age – over 40 years old.


As a student at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg created a dating site in 2003 that quickly shut down amid allegations of security breaches. A year later, he launched the Facebook website, and by 2015, the social network had gained an audience of 1 billion users.

The functionality has expanded noticeably: verification of stars has appeared, as the ability to make calls, make online payments, and much more. Today, the social network is one of the most popular in the world, gathering about 2 billion monthly users and earning more than $86 billion a year from advertising.

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s company acquired WhatsApp, the most popular instant messenger. Initially, it was planned to launch advertising streams within the service so that it would start making a profit, but the idea was quickly abandoned.

But how does the app make money? As it turned out, the messenger collected personal data of users for transmission to Facebook, which used this information and fine-tuned ads, respectively, increasing sales. A scandal erupted and Zuckerberg’s companies were fined $110 million for sharing information between their companies.


The photo app appeared in 2010 and initially only iPhone owners could use it. Two years later, users of other phones also had such an opportunity, which greatly expanded the audience of the social network.


The service appeared in April 2005 and is not actually a social network, but allows you to communicate in the comments.

Today YouTube occupies a strong position and is gradually replacing classic television. This is evidenced by the fact that advertising budgets for the service are growing every year, while for TV they are falling. Hours of content from all over the world are uploaded to hosting every minute.

If earlier videos for the service were filmed on a phone, now YouTube has become a monumental platform: serious works are published here, for which entire professional editorial boards are created, as well as high-quality shows that are in no way inferior to television ones.


The social network was invented in China and released to the international market in 2018. It instantly attracted attention, and in 2020 the application became the most downloaded, overtaking other major players in the market.

There was an opinion that TikTok is a social network for teenagers: the main part on the platform was made up of videos with primitive dances or lipsink (opening the mouth to a sounding song).

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