Top 5 Highest Paid Children on YouTube

On International Children’s Day, June 1, we talk about the five highest paid bloggers under 10 years old. In their years, they have not only become recognizable around the world, but are already earning millions for their own parents. Read about five young millionaires in the selection of Moscow 24.

Nastya Radzinskaya

By the age of seven, Nastya Radzinskaya, has already entered the Forbes ratings twice as one of the highest paid YouTubers. At the end of 2020, her earnings were estimated at $18.5 million.

Initially, Nastya’s parents used camera work as a method of therapy for their daughter, who was diagnosed with a severe form of cerebral palsy at birth. Doctors said that the child would not be able to walk and talk on his own. However, thanks to the efforts of her parents, by the age of two it became clear that Nastya was developing normally.

In her videos, the girl, like many other YouTubers, first unpacked gifts. Also, parents began to document different moments in the child’s life: riding the rides, trying different dishes, learning situations with dad, who eventually became a regular hero of the commercials.

Today the Radzinsky family lives and shoots videos about Nastya’s life in the USA. On the YouTube channel Like Nastya, the girl already has more than 74 million subscribers, and some of her videos have been viewed more than 800 million times around the world.

Diana and Roma

The Kids Diana Show vlog began as a hobby for Diana’s mother, who created a YouTube channel in 2015 to share videos with her daughter with family and friends. However, the channel suddenly began to grow rapidly, and in a year the number of subscribers exceeded 1 million.

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2 years after the release of the first video, the girl’s parents Elena and Vlad, seeing the potential of children’s content, quit their main job and completely focused on its production.

Even before she crossed the threshold of the school, the girl began to bring her parents a serious income of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. With her songs, trying on dresses and testing children’s cosmetics, Diana gained an audience of more than 79.1 million subscribers.

Her younger brother Roma began to appear in the commercials, with whom they clean the house together, play different professions, celebrate birthdays and receive toys for good deeds. Videos on the channel are available in several languages, English, Japanese, Spanish and German.

Katya and Max Fedoruk

The success story of little Katya and her brother Max started 7 years ago when their dad opened a YouTube channel to post funny videos with his kids. Gradually, more and more viewers began to follow the life of the family, and the videos turned into a family series.

Fans watch with interest as the siblings play in the ice cream truck, sneak sweets into the cinema, and fight because they can’t share the toys. The stories also have educational elements, such as how Max teaches Katya how to brush her teeth, helps her dad fix a tractor, or tells what food is bad for children.

Both channels Mister Max and Miss Katty have roughly the same number of subscribers, just over 20 million. According to various estimates, a 10-year-old brother and an 8-year-old sister can earn from 100 to 200 thousand dollars a month. The family lives in a luxurious three-story apartment in London and does not advertise the level of income, and also tries to avoid interviews.

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Polina Rogovtseva

Eight-year-old Polina plays with dolls on her Super Polina channel, rides slides and children’s cars, eats chocolate and candy cakes. Also in her videos, she spends time with her mother, learns to apply makeup, tries to sew a dress and tells other children how to get ready for school. According to media reports, Polina herself wanted to create a YouTube channel. At the same time, parents jealously guard their daughter’s private life outside of video hosting.

More than 14.3 million subscribers are following the girl’s work. According to various estimates, the Internet income from her vlog can reach up to 300 thousand dollars a month. According to media reports, in an interview, Polina’s mother said that the money earned on the channel covers the cost of filming and props, and also goes to pay for her daughter’s education.

Vlad and Nikita Vashketov

A few years ago, the Vlad and Niki channel began to quickly gain popularity around the world. Probably the secret of his success lies in the fact that in the videos Vlad, Nikita and their mother hardly talk, and the video is accompanied by sound effects and cheerful music.

Therefore, the content is easily perceived by young viewers who do not speak English. A few years ago, a family of little bloggers moved to the United States. Now they live in sunny Miami and shoot videos about their lives.

Vlad is now 8 years old, and Nikita will soon be 6, but their audience has already exceeded 64 million subscribers. According to various estimates, the brothers annually earn from 2.3 to 37.3 million dollars. In 2019, they became the highest paid YouTubers, earning about 312 thousand dollars for each video.

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