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5 Reasons why Qatar will be the best World Cup for fans to attend

A visitor takes a smartphone photograph pitch side at the Al Thumama football stadium in Doha, Qatar, on Monday, June 20, 2022. The stadium will be a venue for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Photographer: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg via Getty Images

5 justifications to go to the 2022 World Cup
If you’re a soccer fan, you’ve probably already read or heard some bad headlines regarding the World Cup in Qatar. When Qatar was initially selected as the host in 2010, there were right away allegations of bribery and corruption in the selection procedure. Since then, numerous articles have expressed concern over Qatar’s severe heat. Alternatively, a lack of infrastructure or the substandard working conditions endured by the stadium construction workers. There have been numerous requests for the event to be hosted by another nation. But there are lots more reasons to anticipate Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup if you enjoy watching international sports.
Reason No. 1: The stadiums’ close proximity
The major one is this. Pay close attention because this is the main reason why this World Cup will be the best one ever. To help you better grasp how significant this will be, I must first give you a brief history lesson.

With the exception of World War II, the World Cup has been held every four years since that inaugural edition. The World Cups that followed were spread out among several cities. There were just 4 cities in Chile where the 1962 World Cup was held. South Korea and Japan split hosting duties for the 2002 World Cup, holding the tournament in a staggering 20 different cities. Since 1934, there have been 10 cities on average that have hosted a World Cup. So why is that relevant?

The duration of journey is significant. I had to accompany Team USA from Detroit all the way to Los Angeles for my first World Cup in 1994. The 2006 World Cup is generally one of my all-time favourite memories. I made Frankfurt, Germany, my base and travelled by rail to witness USA matches during the day. On the day of the match, you may go by rail to the host city, spend the night there, and then travel by train back to Frankfurt the following morning. Compared to my World Cup 2014 experience in Brazil, this was a vast improvement.

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Second Reason: The Melting Pot
I stayed at the Frankfurt Steigenberger Hotel for the 2006 Germany World Cup, which was directly across from the main railway station. I had a wonderful time while staying at this lovely antique hotel. Being based in one place and witnessing the cultural adjustments that occurred as teams arrived for their matches was one of the highlights for me. Every four days a match was staged in the host city. Thus, during the first week of the competition, the hotel was packed with British spectators watching England play Paraguay. My hotel was crowded with South Koreans four days later. The Iranians followed, and it was difficult to miss the group of stunning young Persians assembled in the hotel foyer. Argentina and Holland squared off in Frankfurt’s final group stage game.

What does this have to do with Qatar, you ask? In any case, the whole 2022 World Cup is taking place within a 30-mile radius of Doha, the host city. That implies that almost all of the supporters for each side will remain in Doha together. This is unheard of. It will be the greatest melting pot of the World Cup ever. 32 different countries will be represented, and everyone will stay in the same city, go to the same restaurants, and shop in the same markets.

Third Reason: Infrastructure Tip: Everything is new
To win the competition and secure the right to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar had to make a number of commitments. They needed to add a lot of new hotels, specifically. Over the course of the upcoming year, numerous brand-new 4- and 5-star hotel properties are predicted to open. They will be opulently equipped and offer first-rate customer service. Qatar wants to leave a lasting impression on the rest of the globe, and gorgeous new accommodations will be the first step.

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A brand-new stadium will host the World Cup final in Lusail. Now hear this: the entire city is being constructed especially for these events. Built just for this World Cup, Lusail is a brand-new city featuring marinas, resorts, business and entertainment areas, a golf course, and even a few artificial islands for aesthetic purposes. Lusail, a futuristic metropolis being constructed in Qatar at an estimated cost of $46 billion, will be on display during the World Cup.

Fourth Reason: It’s different
A nation in the Arab world has never hosted the World Cup. The Middle East will have the opportunity to showcase their region of the world at this event. I have liked travelling to South Africa, Russia, Asia, and Europe for World Cup events. Now is the time for a little something unusual.

The most historic market in Qatar, Souq Waqif, is visited by the majority of tourists in Doha. For hundreds of years, it has served as a meeting place for businesspeople. It has hundreds of stalls offering traditional clothing, spices, crafts, and mementos and was refurbished once more in 2006 using traditional Qatari architecture. Numerous restaurants and hookah lounges are also located there.

Reason # 5: The first Wintertime World Cup
Summertime is the customary time for the World Cup. Every World Cup in history had a May or June start and a July finish. That was the initial concept for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, but far too many people expressed worry about the intense heat there during the summer. Who can blame them given that 108 degrees is the midsummer average high temperature? Thus, FIFA declared in 2018 that the Qatar World Cup would go to a compressed schedule beginning on November 21, 2022, and ending on December 18, when everyday temperatures will be in the seventies.

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On the one hand, this implies that travelling to the Middle East for Thanksgiving in order to attend will be necessary. However, there is a considerable benefit to this date. Take into account that most foreign tourist spots are crowded with families travelling over the summer with their school-aged children. I’ve had to fight with families for flight tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurant reservations at prior World Cups. In Qatar, that won’t be the case. The children in school age will have to stay at home. The World Cup will be the main reason why most guests are there.

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