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The FIFA World Cup winner is?

Since its debut competition in 1930, the FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious competition in the world, has been staged 21 times (Uruguay). Brazil is the only team that has taken part in every World Cup, and they have won five titles overall. Teams like the United States haven’t had the same success, and they’ve had a tough time qualifying for many years.

Despite being a global event, the tournament has only ever been won by eight nations. Only five of those eight nations—out of the eight—have experienced the thrilling potential to win the championship when they served as hosts.

5 for Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2022)

4 (1954, 1974*, 1990, 2014) Germany

Italy – 4 (1934*, 1938, 1986, 2002)

South America – 2 (1978*, 1986)

2 (1998*, 2018) France

2 (1930*, 1950) Uruguay

(1) England (1966*)

Spain – 1 (2010)

*Host nation

World Cup appearances and outcomes for the USMNT
There have only been eleven FIFA World Cup tournaments in which the United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) has competed. The team participated in the inaugural world cup in Uruguay in 1930 and surprised everyone by doing well, making it to the semifinals. This is still the best outcome for the USA today. The team tried again to compete in 1934 (Italy) and 1950 (Brazil), but they were unsuccessful. USA didn’t qualify again after 1950 until 1990. (Italy). The USA started to regularly compete in the tournament in the 1990s, and they eventually made seven consecutive appearances. Even yet, the USA will share hosting duties with Canada and Mexico in 2026 as well as in 1994. The USMNT is prepared to compete on a global platform once again in Qatar despite not having qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia (2022). More than half of the USMNT currently plays soccer for European clubs, and some believe that this youthful, strong team has the potential to do great things. Do you believe there is a chance for the United States Men’s National Team to become a FIFA World Cup champion?

Experience the World Cup in Qatar
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