Is Vaping Herbs as Effective as Smoking Them?

Vaporizers function by heating herbs to a temperature that causes the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids to be released in clouds that the user inhales.

Many smokers have switched to vaping because it reduces the chance of combustion, which may result in the release of carcinogens, tar, and other cancer-causing substances.

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Although the health advantages of vaping are obvious, we are often questioned whether it is as effective as smoking, therefore it was intriguing to come across this studies in which physicians explored just this.

Why is vaping more effective?

When you smoke cannabis, combustion destroys more than half of the herbs before you ever have a chance to inhale. But, because of the varied temperatures, none of the plant content is damaged while using a vaporizer. As a result, more of the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids are accessible to you.

This was also corroborated by the results of a NORML investigation. They discovered that smoking cannabis permits absorption of just 25% of any accessible THC, but vaping allows ingestion of 45%, making vaporizers almost twice as efficient.

Therefore keep an eye on your dose!

The research also challenged both smokers and vapers to complete activities designed to test response speed, memory, and attention span in order to simulate everyday duties such as driving a vehicle. On general, individuals who smoked or vaped THC showed slower reaction times than those who did not.

They asked individuals to perform the Split Attention Task to determine their attention span. Participants must follow a square on a computer screen while also keeping track of a sequence of shifting numbers. Those that inhaled Marijuana performed 350% worse than the control group, whereas those who vaporised fared 500% worse!

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Tory Spindle, PhD concluded as a consequence of the findings:

“Our subjects exhibited much more impairment on the tests while vaping than smoking the same amount, which translates to increased functional impairment when driving or completing routine chores in the real world.”

Since vaping allows a larger proportion of cannabinoids to be absorbed into your circulation, it’s advisable experimenting with lower amounts of herb while making the changeover from smoking to vaping for the first time.

If you are taking cannabis for medicinal purposes, you should always check with your doctor first.

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