How to reduce dark circles with Eye Creams and Is It Safe?

How to remove dark circles radically? This article is for all women who are tired of waking up every morning like after the day after a drunken party and 2 hours of sleep! If you want to learn how to get rid of your dark circles or at least how to reduce them effectively, read me to the end. I will review everything that is possible to do to make dark circles disappear.

How do dark circles appear under the eyes?

Lack of sleep
Lifestyle: age, tobacco, alcohol, stress, poor diet
The bone structure
Damage to blood vessels
Lymphatic failure
Blood capillary congestion
Thinner skin

Before understanding how to remove dark circles, let’s first understand what a dark circle is. I have read quite a lot on the subject and the distinction between the different types of dark circles is often not made. So, it’s great we are given lots of tips of all kinds to reduce them, but we never talk about the type of dark circles we are referring to.

Normal that many consider that these tricks do not work on them. It’s as if I said to you “if I gave you advice on how to take care of your hair without taking into account the nature of your hair.

It is absolutely necessary to know your type of dark circles to fight them effectively. Removing dark circles or at least reducing them will be more difficult from one ring to another and will in all cases require a real investment of time or even money on your part.
DARK CIRCLES The name says it all. If you struggle with dark circles, visible under-eye creep, and sagging skin under the eyes and eyelids, our Dark Circle Eye Cream is for you. It dramatically erases dark circles + sagging skin. Timelessha have thr Best skin care products in pakistan.

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The different types of dark circles

Dark circles: imagine that dark circles are a pure family gift, a result of our genetic heritage! I’m in this batch, it’s great thank you family, I love looking like a panda. Dark circles simply correspond to hyper pigmentation of the skin. Dark-haired women with a Mediterranean complexion or matte skin are more likely to have this type of dark circles.
Dark circles red / blue / purple: the skin around the eye is very thin and therefore transparent and the blood network is very fragile. The blood network below the eye can easily be altered and thus create the appearance of colored rings. It is therefore the dilation of the blood vessels or more precisely the congestion of the blood capillaries of the eye contour combined with the thinness of the skin which would cause the appearance of dark circles. This type of dark circles can also be a hereditary characteristic and therefore inevitable!

Of course, the alteration of blood vessels is accentuated following various events such as: lack of sleep, age, alcohol consumption, tobacco or even stress.
Dark circles : the dark circle appears as a recess at the level of the underside of the eye. These dark circles are due to a melting of fat around the eyes, aging of the skin or sagging of the cheekbones. The bone structure of the face is also a factor in the appearance of dark circles. If you have naturally sunken eyes, sunken dark circles will naturally tend to be visible.

Dark circles are usually colored as well. This is called mixed dark circles. These are dark circles that are both hollow and colored. The hollowness of dark circles creates a brown shadow under the eyes and depending on the alteration of your blood capillaries under the eyes, your dark circles can also be red / purple / blue.
Dark circles or puffiness: dark circles are due to the effects of an accumulation of fat under the eye. This fatty mass could be due to diet and in particular to the absorption of too much sugar. All the sugar ingested in excess attaches to the collagen fibers and stiffens them. It’s a bit the same process as when you heat sugar to make caramel. The skin loses elasticity and the lymph settles below the eye and creates the famous pockets.

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Bags under the eyes can also appear following a relaxation of the lower eyelid which occurs with age and of course a poor lifestyle (lack of sleep, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) . Excessive salt consumption can also have an impact on dark circles as it causes water retention. Water retention will have the effect here of causing swelling under the eye (puffiness).

List of effective ingredients to erase puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

Sleep between 7 a.m. (minimum) and 9 a.m. or even 10 a.m. for heavy sleepers.
Calophylle Inophylle vegetable oil (activates blood circulation)
Safflower vegetable oil (activates blood circulation)
Timeless Dark Circle Eye Cream 0.5 oz
Timeless Hydrating Eye Cream 0.5 oz
Avocado vegetable oil (for deep hydration, effective on any type of dark circles as a moisturizer)

Tip for caring for the underside of your eyes with Timeless Dark Circle Eye Cream

Use dark circles cream in pakistan. Timeless Dark circle cream with the right products will completely hide your dark circles.
REPAIR & DEPUFF – Haloxyl is a powerful combination of peptides that repairs the underlying cause of dark circles by ridding the skin of blood pigment. Combined with 3 active ingredients from Eyeliss, bags are reduced and puffiness is avoided.
STRENGTHEN & SMOOTH – Seaweed Extract works to firm and strengthen, while Rosehip Oil soothes the delicate skin around the eye for a brighter, more youthful overall look.
HOW TO APPLY – Use daily on cleansed skin in the morning and evening for best results. Distribute one pump of dark circles cream in pakistan on your ring finger and gently pat around the upper and lower eyelid.
TIMELESS PROMISE – Timeless skincare delivers effective results with high concentrations of active ingredients and fewer fillers + chemicals. All of our cruelty-free solutions are made in the USA with zero parabens, fragrances, or dyes.

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