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7 Amazing Activities in Doha, Qatar

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and Doha will soon become a popular tourist destination. But in all actuality, it already is. This international city’s cosmopolitan metropolis is home to more than 1.2 million expats and offers world-class beaches, dining, shopping, and art. Doha’s attractions are indeed breathtaking, from its seemingly endlessly tall buildings to its breathtaking desert sunsets.

There will be lots to do in Doha in 2022 for soccer lovers. The following are seven must-see attractions in Doha:

1. Purchase items from Souq Waqif Market
Arabic for “standing market” is souq waqif. This active pedestrian zone and outdoor market, which has been around for more than a century, is a true treat for the senses.
Along with fragrant eateries and Shisha bars, its winding, tiny alleyways are dotted with stalls selling fresh vegetables, crafts, traditional clothing, and spices. The cultural and historic atmosphere is enhanced by street musicians and dancers. The Souq is the best location in Doha for people watching and is a favourite with residents, expats, and visitors alike.

2. Go to the Islamic Art Museum
If you enjoy visiting museums, the Museum of Islamic Art has one of the largest collections of artwork and antiquities from the Middle East, some of which date back more than 1400 years. Even if you don’t enjoy visiting museums, you should definitely travel to MIA, which is situated on a peninsula with views of Doha Bay. A large garden area with dynamic landscapes and breathtaking views of the Doha cityscape is right next to the museum.
Even this five-story museum is an amazing piece of art. Its design features magnificent geometric motifs while still being firmly modernised by historic Islamic culture. Its displays include priceless pieces of handicraft and art from three continents that date from the 7th to the 19th centuries.

After you’ve finished looking through the selections, take a stroll through MIA Park. There are fountains, sculptures, a carousel, bike paths, cafes, and boat rentals among the attractions. Not to add that this is the ideal location to see the sunset.

3. Consume fast food
Only 20,000 of Doha’s 1.5 million inhabitants are genuine citizens of Qatar. Doha is quite multicultural and is home to expats from all over the world. This diversity results in scrumptious ethnic food being available everywhere as well as multiple languages being spoken across the city.
Eating is among the nicest things to do in Doha. You can get authentic food from far-off locations in addition to a fantastic range of Middle Eastern favourites including shawarma, hummus, tabouli, and falafel. For example, Doha residents adore Indian food so much that the chapati and cardamom tea are almost national specialties of Qatar.

4. Take a Shisha.
After a tiring day of sightseeing in Doha, are you looking for a way to unwind? Visit one of the many shisha bars in Doha to partake in this popular arabic pastime.
Since alcohol is prohibited in most of the arabic world, shisha culture can be compared to pub culture in the middle east. But a tavern has never smelled this delicious to you! Doha shisha bars provide a wide variety of delectable tastes in addition to an amazing ambiance and flawless service. Anis, mint, watermelon, guava, and lemon are regional favourites.

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