The Ultimate Guide to Washing Your Car Inside and Out

To maintain appropriate hygiene in the car, washing your car inside and out is important. A thorough cleaning will eliminate all the dirt and dust and make the car cabin hygienic. It is important to remember that regular cleaning is integral to maintaining hygiene and the car’s condition.

While washing your car inside and out, you must pay attention to every nook and cranny. The dust and the particles end up in the tiniest of corners. It is usually hard to clean such areas. However, with the proper tools, one can thoroughly clean the car and make it hygienic and smell fresh.

With the car interior cleaning products, the car owner will have a pristine and shiny car interior. It will look good as well as smell good. The atmosphere in the cabin will be very inviting.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule with car cleaning accessories is important. The accessories provide surface-deep cleaning the removes all the dirt and contaminants. However, they are gentle on the surface and do not leave any scratches or swirls.

Guide to Washing Your Car Inside and Out

Cleaning the Outside

  • Pre-Wash

One needs to loosen up the surface dirt. One cannot take the risk of the debris causing harm to the car paint. Therefore, washing your car inside and out involves deep cleaning the car’s surface. Before you get your grit gloves on, you must wipe the surface to remove the dirt and contaminants. 

One of the most important cleaning steps is to use car cleaning products. It is imperative to use professional-grade products as they suit the car. Using microfiber towels ensures that there are no scratches on the paint. 

  • Two Bucket Method
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Only regular maintenance is not enough. One needs to follow the correct procedure to clean the car. One of the most foolproof clean methods is the “two-bucket method”. The process is as the name suggests. While washing your car inside and out, you would want to dip your mitt into the cleaning solution bucket and the water bucket alternatively.

This car cleaning method ensures that you do not scratch the car paint. It does not allow the mitt to hold onto the dirt and grime. It keeps your cleaning material cleaner. There is usually grit in the bucket containing water where you clean the mitt. Rubbing the cloth against the grit will loosen all the grime and cause it to fall into the bucket.

Also, the cloth is microfiber, so it does not hold onto the grime for long. At the same time, it cleans off the dirt and dust from the car surface very quickly. This type of car cleaning is one of the best methods to clean heavy dirt and contaminants.

The microfiber cloth ensures no scratches on the car’s surface. It also leaves no watermarks on the surface. It is most effective as microfiber does retain water. It removes the accumulating dirt and dust, making the car shine like a brand-new one.

  • Dry the Surface Before Waxing

Before applying the wax, washing your car inside and out ensures that the car’s surface is dry. Apply the wax evenly in thin layers. Then buff it with a microfiber cloth to protect the paintwork. 

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Cleaning the Inside

  • Take off the Floor Mats before Cleaning

Floor mats gather dust and become the breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The mats need regular cleaning. Once in a while, the car owner must take the mat out and give it elbow grease. It needs washing with soap and air drying to eliminate all the contaminants. Before using the soap, it is better to use a brush to dust away all the loose dust and particles. 

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner helps one to reach the narrow places of the car. Some nooks and crannies, like underneath the seats, are hard to reach. With the vacuum cleaner, it is easy to clean these places. It ensures proper and thorough cleaning. 

  • Clean the Windows

Not just the seats or the steering wheel, the windows also need cleaning both inside and outside. For washing your car inside and out, you need a cleaner suitable for cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the windows. A good cleaner does not leave streaks or spots on the glass. It gives a clean glass that provides excellent vision to the driver and the passengers alike. 

  • Do not Forget the Boot of the Car

The boot of the car also needs cleaning and washing. Once in a while, it needs a thorough cleaning treatment. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the car boot and eliminate all the dirt and contaminants. 


Tips for a Clean Car

Even after washing your car inside and out, you must use the following accessories to keep the interior clean. 

  • Trash Can
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The trash can allows everyone to dispose of their trash without any cluttering. It ensures no unpleasant smell or bacteria growth in the car. It is the first step towards maintaining a hygienic car interior. 

  • Cup Holder

With the cup holder, you can ensure no drink spills in the car. Then even after washing your car inside and out, the cleaning products from ensure you enjoy a pleasant ride. 


  • How Frequently Should I Wash My Car?

It depends on the place where you live and how frequently you drive. It also depends on the road and pollution. Follow the proper washing methods and schedules. 

  • Can I Buy Car Washing Products Online?

Yes, you can buy from You can get the best products within your budget. 

  • How Do I Ensure Thorough Cleaning Of My Car?

Follow the Two-bucket method washing method to ensure a deep cleaning that cleans off all the dirt. 

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