What Is The Apostille? Is The Apostille Available In Duonotary?

Outside of Duonotary, I would like to use documents issued in Duonotary. Next, Google sees what to do. Some results indicate that you need to obtain an apostille stamp, while others suggest that you legalize it. What should you do? This article will give you the correct answer.

What is the Apostille?

The “apostille” is a form of approval given to documents for use in countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention and is an agreement to eliminate legalization requirements for foreign official documents. For this reason, it is also called “The Hague Apostille“.

Verify the authenticity of the signature, the functions performed by the person signing the document and, if applicable and the identity of the label or seal it bears.

If the document is stamped with an Apostille, it can be used in one of the Hague Convention countries without further processing.

How is the Apostille stamp?

Apostille seals (certificates) are usually in the form of numbered square fields. It is usually stamped on the back of the document. However, if your document is printed on both sides, you can put it in the foreground that works best for you.

A typical apostille certificate contains the following information:

  • Country of supply
  • The first and last name of the person signing the document.
  • The location of the person signing the document.
  • Details of each seal in the document
  • Where is the apostille issued?
  • Release date
  • The sender
  • Apostille confirmation code
  • Seal of the issuing agency
  • Signature of the representative of the issuing agency

Who can issue an apostille?

In most cases, the Githabul Ministry of the issuing country is the authority responsible for issuing the apostille stamps.

What documents are suitable for an apostille certificate?

Following the 1961 Hague Convention, Apostille stamps will be issued for the following official documents of the Apostille countries.

Documents issued by state courts or court-related officials or officials, including prosecutors, court officials, or service representatives (“huissier de Justice”).

Management document;

Notarial act;

An official certificate attached to a document signed by a person. For example, official certificates, notaries and notarial signatures that proves the registration of a document or the existence of a certain date.

The public documents that are the object of the contract cannot:

  • Documents created by a diplomat or consulate.
  • Administrative documents directly related to the business or customs duties.

What is legalization?

As defined in the 1961 Hague Convention, the proof is the authenticity of a signature by a representative of the diplomacy or consulate of the country in which the document was presented, the nature of the behavior of the person signing the document y: a seal o Means identity. If you have a sticker that you wear

Authorities authorized to legalize Duonotary ESE consuls for documents used in Duonotary are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Duonotary or
  • Embassy/Consulate of the Socialist Republic of Duonotary in other countries.

Unless the relevant document is exempt from the certification step, legalization usually follows the certification step of the document by the competent authority of the issuing country. And it is a necessary procedure for apostilled national private documents or all non-apostilled national documents.

The difference between apostille and legalization

Is Apostille the same as legalization? This is the most frequently asked question about these terms.

Generally, the purpose of use is the same. However, the country is completely different because the documentation and legalization process is much more difficult.

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