Do you like music?

I can’t tell you how many times audience members (male or female) have come up to me after the show and said they always wanted to “secretly” sing for you.

Maybe they dreamed about it as a child. Perhaps he began studying and learning music at an early age. But another time came for career, marriage, or having children, and Geet pulled out of the backseat and the car!

The master pianist gave me this piece; Doctor, social worker, salesperson, guitarist, massage therapist. They continued down the list. I’ll tell you if you want

“Sing now. Start now.”

Everyone should sing

I think everyone should sing. The benefits of learning 풀싸롱 far outweigh the time or cost.

Music makes you feel good at first.

Imagine how excited you get to sing a song on the radio. It can only be compared to a single human endeavor and music – the intense sounds and the sense of rhythm that flows through our bodies. We are musicians, unlike other musicians. We are special tools.

There are many benefits to music

  • But there are many other benefits to learning music.
  • Learn to be safe and honest. (You feel powerful.)
  •  It changes your breath – it increases Your voice is getting louder.
  • You go through feelings you don’t even know.
  • Learn to express these emotions through music.
  • You find the courage to sing for others; To improve your own personality.
  • You find it easier to express your feelings.
  • You can safely enter a crowded room.
  • Basically, you are perfect!

Then your age doesn’t matter. This is the perfect time to fulfill your long-held desire to raise your voice in music; or grow tulips for your grandchildren; Record some of your favorite family songs; You feel like you have a voice.

But then your lifelong obsession with music may last longer than you think.

One of my students, Claire Duchessing, is 59. She started singing three years ago. The desire to sing didn’t make him leave. He is currently working on another CD of jazz classics. The initial reaction to the first CD (which I produced) was very positive. He was about to start his second season at a jazz club in Montreal.

Claire and I have the same attitude towards music – “It’s never too late to sing! If you love music, do it now!”

Different needs for different ages

People over the age of 60 may have specific problems and have a different voice than those in their fifties and forties. Every decade brings challenges and rewards. But no matter what age you are, you have life experiences that you can share with music. In the world of jazz, blues and folk, remember that old musicians still matter.

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