Tatcha the Skincare Company Rooted in Japan


Every facet of our world has its beginnings, often sparked by ingenuity and innovation. Japan stands as a nation that has contributed immensely to global culture, from culinary delights like sushi and ramen to the artistry of manga, from the efficiency of bullet trains to the grandeur of sumo wrestling. Among these cultural exports lies Tatcha, a skincare enterprise born in America by a Japanese-American woman. Her vision was to share Japan’s revered skincare practices with the world, unveiling the secrets behind the radiant, age-defying skin synonymous with Japanese culture.

Unveiling the Secret

Japan’s longevity isn’t merely a secret; it’s a culmination of lifestyle choices ingrained in its populace. From childhood, Japanese families instill the importance of balanced nutrition and daily exercise, fostering close-knit communities that cherish familial bonds and mutual support. These cultural pillars contribute to Japan’s remarkable longevity compared to the global average.

Tatcha: An Inspirational Journey

The story of Tatcha is one of inspiration and resilience. Founded by Vicky Tsai, Tatcha emerged from her encounter with a modern geisha during a trip to Kyoto, Japan. Enthralled by the simplicity and authenticity of Japanese skincare practices, Vicky embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry. Driven by a desire to create a focused skincare line rooted in authenticity, Vicky embarked on a journey that would redefine beauty standards.

The Birth of Tatcha

In 2009, Vicky took a leap of faith, leaving behind her corporate career to pursue her passion for skincare. Drawing inspiration from her Japanese heritage, she meticulously curated ingredients to develop a skincare line that epitomized purity and efficacy. Despite facing initial skepticism and financial challenges, Vicky remained steadfast in her vision, sacrificing personal possessions and enduring countless rejections in pursuit of her dream.

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Navigating Challenges

The road to success was fraught with challenges. Vicky’s relentless pursuit of investors met with resistance, as many deemed her vision too niche for mainstream appeal. Undeterred, she turned to social media as a platform to showcase her products, garnering a devoted following eager to embrace Tatcha’s authentic skincare solutions.

The Essence of Tatcha

At the heart of Tatcha lies its Dewy Skin Cream, a testament to Vicky’s commitment to holistic skincare. Designed to nurture the skin and awaken the senses, the Dewy Skin Cream embodies Tatcha’s ethos of restoring vitality and radiance.

A Bittersweet Transition

In 2017, Tatcha secured funding from Castanea Partners, propelling the brand towards unprecedented growth. However, in 2019, Tatcha’s acquisition by Unilever marked a bittersweet moment for Vicky. Despite the brand’s meteoric rise, Vicky chose to step down, relinquishing her role in the company she had nurtured from its infancy.


Tatcha remains a beacon of innovation and excellence in the skincare industry, celebrated for its research-driven formulations and unwavering commitment to quality. While Vicky’s departure marked the end of an era, her legacy lives on in every Tatcha product, embodying the spirit of Japanese skincare traditions fused with modern ingenuity.

In conclusion

Tatcha stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance, leaving an indelible mark on the skincare landscape for generations to come.

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