Polene: Crafting Luxury in Leather

Originating in France, Polene emerged from the collective vision of three siblings. Their endeavor was grounded in the pursuit of utilizing fine Italian leathers, infusing creativity, authenticity, and unwavering quality into each product. Their handcrafted bags have garnered widespread acclaim, celebrated for their distinctive designs and contemporary elegance.

The Genesis of the Polene Brand

The journey of Polene began humbly, conceived as a passion project by the three siblings in the heart of Paris. The seeds were sown in 2014 during a transformative visit to a workshop in Spain. Immersed in the intricate craftsmanship required to fashion the perfect bag, they were inspired by the fusion of artistry and functionality.

Preserving Family Legacy through Polene

The siblings inherited an entrepreneurial spirit, tracing back to their grandfather, the visionary behind Saint James, renowned for its iconic striped shirts. Embracing this legacy, they embarked on a venture that honored tradition while embracing innovation.

Inspiration from Nature and Eco-Conscious Values

Driven by a reverence for nature, Polene’s creations embody a harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability. Their eco-friendly approach encompasses the use of Polenethe l, a supple leather available in cream, mocha, and mushroom tones, devoid of harmful chemicals.

Exploring the Polene Collection

Polene’s repertoire extends beyond handbags to encompass a diverse array of accessories tailored to individual preferences:

  • New In Collection: Featuring the latest offerings, this category showcases recently unveiled designs, including accessories and jewelry.
  • Polene Paris Collection: A curated selection of Polene’s most coveted pieces, beloved by patrons worldwide for their timeless allure.
  • Polene Bags Collection: From the sleek Numero Dix to the textured elegance of Polene Chyme, each bag exudes sophistication and functionality.
  • Polene Small Leather Goods: Catering to both men and women, this range includes cardholders and pocket wallets crafted with precision and finesse.
  • Polene Jewelry: Adornments such as earrings, rings, and bracelets exemplify Polene’s commitment to artisanal craftsmanship and aesthetic innovation.
  • Polene Gifts: Delightful offerings for special occasions, curated with care to spread joy and appreciation.
  • Mobje X Polene: Collaboration with Mobje yields exquisite vases, marrying authentic design with Polene’s signature creativity.
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In Conclusion

Polene epitomizes the epitome of luxury, offering discerning consumers a blend of style, substance, and sustainability. With each creation, they invite individuals to partake in a journey of elegance, mindful of their environmental footprint and unwavering in their commitment to excellence.

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