Huntsville and Madison County Brace for Severe Winter Weather: Emergency Measures in Place

As a potentially severe winter weather event looms over North Alabama, Huntsville and Madison County are ramping up preparations to mitigate the impact on the community. The National Weather Service (NWS) has revised its forecast, indicating that winter weather could commence as early as 8 p.m. in the Huntsville area.

Key Points:

  1. Fast-Approaching Winter System: A system carrying a mix of ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures is rapidly approaching, prompting the National Weather Service to adjust its forecast. This weather event is expected to have widespread impacts, leading Governor Kay Ivey to declare a State of Emergency in anticipation, foreseeing potential impacts lasting several days.
  2. Preemptive Measures by Authorities: The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is proactively pretreating major roadways to mitigate hazardous conditions. The City of Huntsville Public Works Department is in action, collaborating with Huntsville Police to treat roads in higher elevations and closely monitor for icy conditions. Simultaneously, Madison County is taking measures to treat roadways in anticipation of snow and ice.
  3. Coordination for Local Response: The City of Huntsville, Madison County, and the City of Madison are working closely with the Emergency Management Agency to coordinate a unified response to the impending weather event. They emphasize the importance of following NWS guidelines, including preparing for slick roads, potential power outages, and taking precautions when going outdoors.
  4. Warming Shelters and Assistance: Two warming shelters, located at the Downtown Rescue Mission and The Salvation Army, are open for individuals seeking temporary shelter from the harsh conditions. Additionally, the Community Warming Center at the Livin Room will open on Monday, providing another option for those in need.
  5. Pet Care and Safety: Huntsville Animal Services issues a reminder for pet owners to ensure the safety of their pets during the winter weather. Recommendations include bringing pets indoors and providing extra warm bedding and heat lamps if indoor accommodation is not possible.
  6. Road Conditions and Alerts: The status of road conditions and closures will be communicated through the City Alert system, local media outlets, and official social media channels of the City of Huntsville. Law enforcement agencies, such as the Huntsville Police Department and the Alabama Department of Transportation, will continuously monitor roadways for safety.
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As the community prepares for this challenging weather event, residents are urged to stay informed through official channels, exercise caution, and adhere to safety guidelines. Stay safe and stay warm!

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