Exploring Paramount Plus Canada: Unveiling Subscription Costs and Benefits

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment with Paramount Plus Canada? Before you embark on your streaming journey, let’s uncover the details regarding subscription costs and the array of benefits awaiting you. In this guide, we’ll delve into the question: How much is Paramount Plus Canada? Join us as we explore the subscription plans, highlight the diverse content offerings, and outline the steps to sign up for this exciting streaming service.

Paramount Plus Subscription Plans in Canada

Paramount Plus caters to Canadian viewers with accessible subscription plans designed to accommodate various preferences:

  1. Monthly Plan: Priced at $5.99 CAD per month, this plan offers unlimited access to Paramount Plus content on a month-to-month basis. Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and exclusive originals without any long-term commitment.
  2. Annual Plan: Opt for the annual plan at $59.99 CAD per year, equivalent to just $4.99 CAD per month. By choosing the annual subscription, you’ll unlock significant savings while enjoying uninterrupted streaming throughout the year.

Both subscription options provide ad-supported streaming, allowing you to enjoy a vast library of content without interruption. Additionally, Paramount Plus offers multi-device compatibility, enabling seamless streaming across smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Content Highlights on Paramount Plus

Dive into a world of entertainment with Paramount Plus’s extensive content library, featuring:

  • Blockbuster Movies: Access a diverse selection of films from Paramount Pictures, spanning various genres and eras.
  • Hit TV Shows: Stream iconic series from CBS, including beloved classics and current favorites.
  • Exclusive Originals: Discover exclusive original programming, including acclaimed series like “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Good Fight.”
  • Live Sports Coverage: Stay up-to-date with live sports events and highlights, catering to sports enthusiasts of all kinds.
  • News Programming: Access news updates and analysis from reputable sources, keeping you informed on the latest developments.
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With such a rich and varied content offering, Paramount Plus promises endless entertainment for viewers of all tastes and interests.

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus Canada

Getting started with Paramount Plus is quick and easy:

  1. Visit the Paramount Plus website or download the app from your preferred app store.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” and select your desired subscription plan: monthly or annual.
  3. Provide your email address, create a password, and enter payment details using accepted methods such as credit cards or PayPal.
  4. Once registered, you can start streaming Paramount Plus content immediately on any compatible device.


Paramount Plus offers a compelling streaming experience for Canadian audiences, combining a diverse content library with affordable subscription plans. Whether you’re a movie buff, TV aficionado, or sports fan, Paramount Plus has something for everyone. With accessible pricing, ad-supported streaming, and a user-friendly interface, Paramount Plus is poised to become a go-to destination for quality entertainment in Canada. Don’t miss out on the excitement – sign up for Paramount Plus today and unlock a world of endless possibilities!

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