Emma Argues With Principal Figgins


Emma Pillsbury, the McKinley High School school counselor, has always supported the glee club with great fervor. She thinks the group gives pupils a secure environment in which to express themselves and gain self-assurance. Emma Argues With Principal Figgins, meanwhile, has often been skeptical of the glee club and has even made many attempts to shut it down.

In the episode “Journey,” Emma and Principal Figgins got into one of their most famous disputes. The Glee Club is taking part in the National Show Choir Competition in this episode. Principal Figgins, however, makes a threat to dissolve the club in the event that they lose the tournament. He would rather to see the funds allocated to other school initiatives, like the football team, since he feels that the glee club is a waste of time and resources.

Emma finds Principal Figgins’ choice offensive. She informs him that the kids value the glee club and that it aids in the development of critical abilities like creativity, self-assurance, and collaboration. Additionally, she makes the case that the glee club fosters community among kids from all backgrounds and is a constructive influence in the school.

Emma argues to Principal Figgins, but she doesn’t listen. He informs her that the glee club is unprofitable and that he would only continue to support it should it emerge victorious from the competition. Emma makes the decision to act alone since she is adamant about saving the Glee Club.

Emma launches a campaign to increase glee club support. She encourages teachers, parents, and kids to send letters to Principal Figgins in her conversations with them. In addition, she plans a demonstration outside the school during which professors and students perform songs in favor of the glee club.

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Emma’s campaign initially doesn’t affect Principal Figgins. He soon learns, nonetheless, that the glee club is more well-liked than he first believed. Additionally, he understands that the glee club improves morale and is a great influence on the school.

Principal Figgins ultimately decides to maintain the glee club’s operation. He also says he’s sorry to Emma for not believing her. Emma is happy that the Glee Club has been spared, and she feels good about herself for sticking up for her convictions.

Emma’s Justifications of the Glee Club

Emma believes that there are several reasons why the Glee Club is significant. She first thinks that the club offers a secure environment for kids to express themselves. She is aware that a lot of kids at McKinley High School feel as like they don’t belong, but the glee club offers them an accepting environment where they can be themselves.

Second, Emma thinks that students’ confidence is bolstered by the glee club. Students learn to trust in themselves and conquer their anxieties when they perform in front of an audience. Emma has personally seen how the glee club has assisted kids in becoming more self-assured and gregarious individuals.

Thirdly, Emma thinks that the glee club fosters the growth of critical abilities in kids, such creativity, problem-solving, and cooperation. Students develop good communication, dispute resolution, and mutual support as they collaborate to prepare for a performance. They also pick up innovative and unconventional thinking skills.

Fourth, Emma thinks that the school’s glee club is a helpful influence. It fosters community among students from all backgrounds and contributes to the creation of a more friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Students that participate in the glee club also feel like they have a purpose and a place.

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Arguments Made by Principal Figgins Against the Glee Club

Principal Figgins opposes the Glee Club for a number of reasons. To start with, he thinks the club is a waste of time and money. He believes that funds better used for other school initiatives, like the football team, may be allocated to the glee club.

Second, the glee club is seen as a burden by Principal Figgins. The fact that the Glee Club has been embroiled in several scandals and controversies worries him. Additionally, he worries that kids who are unruly and do not take their studies seriously are drawn to the glee club.

Third, the glee club is not regarded by Principal Figgins as an official academic endeavor. In his opinion, there is no actual instructional value provided by the club to students, and it is more of a social group.

In summary

Emma and Principal Figgins have rather divergent opinions on the Glee Club’s worth. Emma feels that the group is necessary for the kids’ overall wellbeing, while Principal Figgins thinks it is a waste of time and money. Emma eventually wins Principal Figgins over with her arguments, and the glee club is allowed to continue.

Emma’s triumph serves as a timely reminder of the value of sticking up for your convictions. If you are enthusiastic about your cause, you can make a difference even in the face of adversity. For many kids, the Glee Club provides a beneficial influence on their life.

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